Good education is the basis for a successful future. The demands placed on buildings dedicated to education are rising as not only is there a shortage of primary and secondary schools, but creative solutions and an awareness of space, sound and safety is fundamental to ensure facilities are fit for purpose and meet the demands of modern teaching.
Education buildings today require sustainable and durable construction materials that can be adapted quickly and easily to the respective requirements. If increasing numbers of pupils require additional classrooms or new learning approaches require a different use of space, wall constructions with fermacell®  offer decisive advantages and meet the highest specifications. Architects and designers have embraced fermacell® boards as the building material of choice when it comes to the creative design of interiors or variable floor plans. This is because they can be flexibly placed anywhere in the room and later moved again if a changed need requires a new room layout.

Quiet learning

Sound insulation is an important parameter of education buildings and needs to be considered in the early design stages as the acoustic environment is known to play a significant part on the teaching achievements and pupil’s learning abilities. The acoustic performance criteria can vary throughout the school or academic building based on the functionality of the room, which can raise challenges for the architect and design teams. With fermacell® partitions, constructions can be standardized and simplified to meet the various requirements of Building Bulletin 93 from one board type.


Environmentally friendly 

Eco-friendly construction methods are growing in importance especially for education buildings. Pupils should have an optimal learning environment at their disposal that is designed with allergy-friendly materials and free of harmful substances. Concentration and performance can only be guaranteed in a healthy environment.

fermacell® gypsum fibreboards are manufactured exclusively with natural materials and without harmful substances such as formaldehyde.  fermacell® boards are moisture resistant thus, help to extend the life and performance of the interior surfaces alongside providing a comfortable indoor climate.

Safe learning with high fire protection

By the nature of activities that go on within a school including the increase of school buildings for community use outside normal hours, high demands are placed on preventive fire protection. With fermacell® partitions, these challenging fire safety requirements can be successfully achieved. fermacell® gypsum fibreboard is classified as a A2 non-combustible material in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1 and can achieve a fire performance rating between 30-120 minutes based on the given overall construction.

Impact resistance

Due to the boisterous nature of schools, the internal walls are often exposed to heavy wear and tear especially in areas such as busy corridors, entrances and multi-functional rooms, therefore safe and robust partitions are recommended. Severe duty partitions can be created from a single layer fermacell® system due to the special manufacturing process in which the recycled paper fibres are completely encased in gypsum. This creates a fibre reinforced homogenous board structure with high stability, which makes fermacell® partitions resistant to greater impact and crowd pressure loads.

Short construction times

Construction on education projects requires careful planning and design as working around the academic schedule is non-negotiable. Such projects are often densely occupied with live teaching and local residents nearby, therefore construction work needs to be coordinated with day to day campus life or fitted in academic breaks to minimise disruption for all students,  teaching staff and of course, the local community. fermacell® drylining systems can help keep the building programme on track as not only is a quick and easy install guaranteed, but the install of internal partitions can begin before the building envelope is watertight. In addition, long drying times are eliminated as no wet trade is required. 


Header Image Photo credit: Kanipak Photography