Firepanel A1

fermacell® Firepanel A1

The fire protection board fermacell® Firepanel A1 consists mainly of gypsum and paper fibres, which are obtained from recycled paper. The enhanced fire protection properties of the boards are achieved by an expanded formulation and the replacement of a proportion of paper fibers with a non-combustible material.

The natural raw materials are mixed and after the addition of water - without further binding agents – are compressed under high pressure into boards, dried, sealed on both sides and cut to the required sizes. Water causes the gypsum to react, penetrates and envelops the fibres. This results in the high stability and non-combustibility of the highest European building material class A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1 and national DIN 4102-1.

Due to its material composition, the fermacell® Firepanel A1 is a homogeneous fire protection, construction and moisture-resistant board. It offers all the known properties of the fermacell® gypsum fibreboard in  dry lining  but with better fire protection properties and characteristics.

Safe, tested and economical

Building material class A1

The new fermacell® Firepanel A1 fire protection boards meet the highest European building material class A1 according to DIN EN 13501-1 and national according to DIN 4102-1. fermacellFirepanel A1 panels can therefore be used wherever cladding of building material class A1 is required for structural fire protection.

CE marking

Firepanel A1 board are manufactured, tested and marked (CE marking) according to the European standard for fibre-reinforced gypsum boards DIN EN 15283-2.
The fermacell® Firepanel A1 has the same properties of the fermacell® gypsum fibreboard for drywall construction. It offers efficient fire protection properties for the internal use of building materials and building components.

Areas of application are exemplary:

  • Partition walls with metal substructure
  • Shaft walls and independent linings
  • suspended ceilings
fermacell® Firepanel A1 gypsum fibre boards are particularly economical because only one type of board is required for finishing, fire protection and moisture affected rooms.

Aestuver® - special fire protection

The James Hardie Group offers special board products for projects where the in use environment place particularly high demands on fire protection. The cement-bonded, glass fiber-reinforced fire protection boards are generally used in structural fire protection, tunnels, industrial and OEM applications. Further areas of application are:
  • Fire protection claddings for load-bearing structures, wall and ceiling constructions
  • Fire protection boards for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts
  • Fire protection cable duct systems
  • Solutions for the safe design of escape and rescue routes
  • Systems for fire protection bulkheads and joints