The fermacell brand has stood for the highest quality dry lining for more than 40 years. It offers architects and specifiers freedom in their designs, as well as allowing creative implementation. fermacell building boards are suitable for commercial buildings, timber and off site construction. fermacell is a unique, single-point solution to a multitude of challenges. It combines high levels of fire resistance, acoustic insulation, and impact strength with exceptional screw holding ability and inherent moisture resistance.

1.Easy to install
2.Suitable for wetrooms
3.Impact resistant
4.Fire resistant
5.Best sound insulation
6.One layer solution

Characteristic Values

Gross Density

1150 ± 50 kg/m³

Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient

μ =13

Thermal conductivity

λ = 0.32 W/mK

Specific heat capacity

c = 1.1 kJ/kgK

Brinell hardness

30 N/mm²

Swelling of thickness of 24 h immersion in water

< 2%

Coefficient of thermal expansion

0.001 %/K

Expansion / Shrinkage in response to 30 % change in relative humidity (20 ºC)

0.25 mm/m

Moisture content at 65 % relative humidity and 20 ºC air temperature


pH Value


Manufacturing Method

At a state-of-the-art production facility in Holland, gypsum, a waste product from a nearby power station, and cellulose fibres from recycled paper and magazines collected throughout the Netherlands are mixed with recycled water in an 80%-20% ratio to produce homogenous sheet materials that are cured and cut to size.

All by products are fed back into the production cycle and Fermacell have even instigated a scheme for the collection and recycling of off cuts and waste created on construction sites, giving customers the opportunity to enhance their environmental reputations by demonstrating social responsibility through reduced demand for land fill.

The product, and its manufacturing process, have been awarded the coveted Rosenheim Institute of Construction Biology and Ecology Certificate and the Low Emissions Product Eco Certificate. In addition Fermacell itself has been defined as a “healthy living building material” for allergy-free environments.