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Type Name Description Ebook Size
  Orange Book The Orange Book, the complete guide to fermacell products and systems n/a 6.7 MB
  BBA Certificate fermacell gypsum fibreboard BBA Certificate for fermacell gypsum fibreboard n/a 394 kB
  BBA Certificate Flooring BBA Certificate for Fermacell flooring systems n/a 1.4 MB
  BBA Certificate Powerpanel H2O External BBA Certificate for Powerpanel H2O for External (Render Carrier) use n/a 854.3 kB
  BBA Certificate Powerpanel H2O Internal BBA Certificate for Powerpanel H2O Internal Use (Wet Room) n/a 135.7 kB
  BREEAM & LEED Environmntal documentation for fermacell relevant to BREEAM and LEED n/a 1002.2 kB
  DOP fermacell FC0001 gypsum fibreboard Declaration of performance (DOP) for Fermacell gypsum fibreboards n/a 442.2 kB
  DOP fine surface treatment (FST) Declaration of Performance (DOP) for Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment (FST) n/a 335.7 kB
  DOP Flooring Mineral Wool Declaration of performance (DOP), Fermacell flooring with mineral wool backing n/a 364.4 kB
  DOP Flooring Wood Fibre Declaration of performance (DOP), Fermacell flooring with wood fibre backing n/a 365.2 kB
  DOP Joint Filler Declaration of performance (DOP), fermacell joint filler n/a 35.2 kB
  DOP Powerpanel H2O Declaration of performance (DOP) for Powerpanel H2O boards n/a 427.4 kB
  DOP Powerpanel H2O Surface Treatment Declaration of Performance, Fermacell Powerpanel H2O surface treatment n/a 618.3 kB
  DOP Screws Declaration of Performance (DOP), for Fermacell Screws n/a 281.9 kB
  DOP Self Levelling Compound Declaration of performance (DOP), Fermacell self levelling compound for flooring system n/a 387.7 kB
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