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Being a fibrous board by nature, fermacell board lends itself to offsite and factory based modular construction.  

Large format boards

fermacell® boards are available to order as a large format sheet in sizes up to 6000 x 2540 mm. This means complete walls can be built reducing the need of jointing. 

Easily transported to site

Due to the homogenous composition, fermacell is able to withstand the every day knocks and impacts faced with on-site handling and transporting of pre-frabricated constructions to location.

fermacell is also moisture resistant and can be left semi-exposed in urban areas up to 8 weeks in certain applications. For example, Spandrel Panels (pre-frabricated with fermacell board) are already fitted into residential roof spaces where limited weather protection is in place. We always recommend that our advice is sought in these matters as fermacell is moisture resistance, not waterproof.


Fire resistance

fermacell® fibre gypsum board is classified as a A2 non-combustible material in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1, and can achieve a fire performance rating between 30-120 minutes based on the given overall construction. Thus, there is no need for additional board types.

The fire resistance test was conducted by Warrington and refers to the duration that a complete building construction can delay the collapse of a building that is burning, or even hor long it can prevent a fire from spreading from one room or one property to another. The effectiveness of the construction is measured in the number of minutes achieved in a variety of British Standard tests. fermacell boards also carries a class 1 surface spread of flame certification - the highest achievable. 


Quick finishing

Use of our fermacell Fine Surface Treatment elimates plastering trades whilst ensuring a high quality finish. 


One board does it all!

A narrow width partition is key to achieving maximum room yields particularly in hotels and student accommodations. fermacell systems can provide the acoustic and thermal performance equivalent to 11" solid blockwork to keep walls thin and labour costs low, whilst saving room space and providing the future flexibility to accomodate changes in floor plans.



New Specification Guide: The Orange Book

We are pleased to share with you updated Orange Book - providing architects, specifiers and contractors with a single point of reference for solution-driven construction systems using fermacell®
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