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fermacell® PowerPanel H20 board is an advanced water resistant cement bonded board ideal for walls, floors, and ceilings.  It is also an ideal render carrier board and approved by many of the leading render companies. 

It’s specifically designed for use where there are damp conditions, such as leisure and sports centres, swimming pools and catering facilities. Whereas traditional materials such as plywood and plasterboard are liable to swell, break or disintegrate when wet, PowerPanel H20 board stays strong and firm, no matter how damp it gets.
PowerPanel H20 board is an A1 non-combustible product exceeding all building regulations for fire resistance, whilst also being impervious to water damage. Our boards are made with reinforced glass fibre to offer the ultimate in strength and acoustic performance, minimising both impact and airbourne sound.
PowerPanel H20 board is quick and easy to fit on to masonry, timber or steel and installation is based on the same simple construction techniques that are used with standard dry lining materials.

Benefits of using PowerPanel H20

  • Lightweight solution
  • Non combustible A1
  • BBA certified 13/5044
  • Easily curved
  • Moisture and mould resistant
  • Withstands heat up to max. 200°C

New Specification Guide: The Orange Book

We are pleased to share with you updated Orange Book - providing architects, specifiers and contractors with a single point of reference for solution-driven construction systems using fermacell®
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