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Is fermacell a 30 min. fire board?
A single sheet of 12.5 mm fermacell gypsum fibre board either side of a metal or timber stud will give a 30 min. fire protection, not the board on its own as its the whole wall system which is fire rated. If you add mineral stone wool insulation in the void you'll get a 1 hour fire rating (and 52dB).
Can I install fermacell boards myself?

Yes , fermacell boards go in at standard centres of 400 mm or 600 mm depending on board thickness and if its a ceiling or a wall. 

What sizes are available?

fermacell boards are available in 10 mm, 12.5 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm thicknesses.


By special request only, we can provide boards up to 6000 mm x 2540 mm.

Is fermacell available in a tapered edge format?
Yes - fermacell boards with tapered edge are available two sided or four sided.
Do I need special tools?
No - you can score and snap fermacell dry lining boards or use a circular saw.
Can I use standard drywall fixings?

No - fermacell is very dense and therefore normal fixings won't pull into the board surface. fermacell screws are designed for the job and work on timber or metal studwork. 


If you're only using timber studs then staple fixings are good alternative also. We recommend they are a min. of 1.5 mm gauge wire, have a 10 mm crown and are at least 30 mm long for 10 mm board, 35 mm long for 12.5 mm board and 44 mm long for 15 mm boards.

Can I dot and dab fermacell boards?
Yes - tapered edge board is best for this as the jointing is easier.
What is FST? (Fine Surface Treatment)

It is a ready mixed filler - but its' more like a very thick paint. that is applied with a spatula or towel as a thin face fill, approx. 1/2 mm thick. Apply, smooth off and allow to dry.. What you can't scrape back is bound into the texture of the board and leaves a smooth finish.


The excess goes back into the tub to be re-used and the wall will be dry and ready to paint in approx. 45 minutes. 

Is fermacell waterproof?
No - but it is moisture resistant. It can be used in domestic showers or bathrooms. 

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