Can I fix Fermacell straight to the joists to create my floor?

How do I achieve part E using Fermacell flooring boards?

Why use Fermacell with Underfloor Heating?

How do I level an uneven floor?

What Flooring to use in Bathroom?

Why use Fermacell flooring as alternative to wet Screed?

What to use in Shower base?

No. Fermacell is not  a structural overlay board. A plywood or chipboard or similar should be laid first. However, should you require extra mass or fore protection or have an open joisted ceiling, the Fermacell can be laid over the joists with the structural board laid on top.

Fermacell has a number of simple solutions based on Fermacell acoustic flooring, insulation and a ceiling detail. Please see our 'Flooring solutions' guide for more details.

Fermacell offers a dry overlay screed system which is thinner than conventional screed. This mean it also reacts faster thus giving you the heat on demand rather than having to plan your heating in advance.

Fermacell have three levelling options. A wet levelling screed for 0-20mm solutions, a dry granule mix fro 10-100mm solutions and a bonded solutions for 50-2000mm solutions. Each is simple and easy to use.

This will depend on the level of 'wetroom' you require. For a typical  bathroom the normal Fermacell flooring is suitable, and can be used with or without our waterproofing system. For real 'wetrooms' we advise the use do the Powerpanel H2O flooring. This used in conjunction with the Powerpanel H2O on the walls gives an excellent DIY wetroom solution.

Because it is dry, quick to lay, thinner and will save you money.

In conjunction with the Powerpanel range, we offer pre-made shower bases allowing you to build your own walk in shower. These come on two sizes and match in simple with our Powerpanel flooring. Thus it is simple to fit these to your specific room size.