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Sports halls, leisure facilities and stadia have unique design requirements over and above many other building types.
In particular impact resistance is a key consideration for any internal wall solution, in addition to the protection of building users from fire and acoustic interference.
Our portfolio includes complete floor to ceiling solutions, offering benefits around space saving, enhanced strength, fire protection, acoustic performance, impact resistance, moisture resistance and much more.
Performance building products such as our fibre gypsum partitions also play an essential role in keeping internal floor plans adaptable. Our boards can be easily moved to create an ever changing, dynamic sporting and leisure environments.

Durable sporting & leisure facilities

Due to the energetic nature of leisure environments, the internal walls are often exposed to heavy wear and tear especially in areas where ball games are played. Robust partitions that offer high impact resistance are important to provide a safe environment that is not compromised by heavy use. 
The superior performance of fermacell® fibre gypsum board allows it to be used as boarding for walls in sport halls and stadiums where impact protection, as well as sound proofing and fire protection qualities are paramount.
Unlike plasterboard walls, severe duty partitions can be created from just a single layer of 12.5mm fermacell® dry lining.  For even greater protection, a second layer of our dry lining can be added, which allows for an even greater impact resistance even greater than blockwork.
Our advanced formulation fibre gypsum boards are extremely resilient due to the special manufacturing process in which the recycled paper fibres are completely encased in gypsum. This creates a fibre reinforced homogenous board structure with high stability, which makes our partitions resistant to greater impact and crowd pressure loads. 
Specifying fermacell® dry lining reduces ongoing maintenance costs, and we’re so confident about our partitions we give a 20 year impact warranty as standard, for added peace of mind.

Robust sporting & leisure facilities

Not only are our partitions low maintenance, they also offer superior strength and stability.  Fibre gypsum offers a significantly superior hanging strength to plasterboard, eliminating costly plywood pattressing completely.  This has the added benefit of future proofing the interior building design, as no consideration needs to be made with regards to where pattressing might previously have been installed.
Effectively all walls with fermacell – in just a single layer - have been prepared to take substantive loads, essential for sporting facilities.

Quick to install, saving time & money

As a lightweight construction material, when using fermacell® dry lining there is no need for costly scaffolding when building at height, which also reduces health and safety risks on-site.
Whereas blockwork internal walls can add significant time to a building programme, with fermacell this extra construction period is effectively eliminated as there is no need to plaster. Our partitions offer a sufficiently smooth finish which will readily accept paint, decoration and tiles. 
Using fermacell® dry lining systems can help to keep the building programme on track, as not only is a quick and easy install guaranteed, but the fitting of internal partitions can begin before the building envelope is watertight.


Photo credit: Kanipak Photography - Barking and Dagenham Future Youth Zone


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