Why specify fermacell® for leisure facilities

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Severy duty rating 
  • No wet trade requirement
  • Lightweight construction
  • Thinner partitions offering maximum floor space
  • Reduced labour - no need to chase out utility services
  • Smooth finish - ready to accept decoration in a matter of hours

The superior performance of fermacell® gypsum fibreboard  allows it to be used as boarding for walls in sport halls and stadiums where impact protection, as well as sound proofing and fire protection qualities are paramount.


Photo credit: Kanipak Photography - Barking and Dagenham Future Youth Zone


Wall and ceiling constructions in sports halls must not only meet technical fire proofing and sound insulation requirements, but they must also provide impact resistance from human bodies and sporting equipment. The linings must be able to withstand mechnical impact stresses without sustainting permanent damage.

fermacell® solution

Ball impact protection for sport hall ceilings can easily be achieved with a single layer of 12.5 mm fermacell® gypsum fibreboard; for greater protection a second layer may be used.

For wall constructions within sport halls, a double layer lining using 12.5 mm fermacell® gypsum fibreboard enables higher levels of protection against ball impact to be achieved (e.g. behind a hockey goal).

Quick to install, saving costs and time.

As a lightweight construction, there is no need for costly scaffolding when building at height, which also reduces health and safety risks on-site. In addition, drying time is reduced with fermacell as there is no need to plaster. fermacell offers a sufficiently smooth finish to readily accept paint, decoration and tiles.