Spandrel panel are pre-assembled structural panels used as a seperating wall to help stop the spread of fire in new build houses and bungalows.

fermacell® gypsum fibreboard is inherently stronger than standard plasterboard. One 15 mm sheet of fermacell places two sheets of plasterboard to achieve the fire and acoustic requirements of a spandrel panel, thus giving all the performance you need with half the time and labour. 

Fire Performance

Spandrel panels built using 15 mm fermacell® board gives a 60 minute fire performance. Tested to BS 476: Part 22: 1987.


Acoustic Performance

fermacell spandrel panels are suitable for use with Robust Details walls in relation to PART E sound insulation performance requirements (refer to Appendix A1 of the Robust Details Handbook, regarding spandrel panels, for details). 



There is no need for a plastic covering to the spandrel panel with fermacell boards, unless they are likely to be left exposed for prolonged periods of time. 

Below is the maximum exposure times for fermacell® boards stored vertically without protection. 

  • Urban area, city or town location = 8 weeks
  • Exposed rural location = 6 weeks
  • Coastal location = 4 weeks