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Installing fermacell dry lining board

Dry Lining Terminology

The world of architecture and construction can throw an endless amount of unfamiliar vocabulary your way. Whether you are new to the industry, already working in the trades but not as a dry liner or plasterer, or simply a homeowner looking to undertake some DIY, knowing what the jargon used in the day-to-day trade is useful.

Use this quick list for answers to frequency asked questions about common terminology.

What is Airborne Sound?
This refers to the noise sources such as from people speaking or TV sound transmitted through the air.

What is Impact Sound?
The impact directly onto a structure of short duration sound such as foot steps or slamming doors.

What is a Flanking Sound?
This is the structure-borne transmission of sound between adjacent rooms or spaces that bypass the obvious barriers.

What is a Nogging?
A nogging is a cross member between main members of a framed construction.

What is an Independent Wall lining?
This is the lining erected independently of the external walling.

What is Robust Detail?
Following a minimum of 30 field tests resulting in a recorded mean performance 5dB better than the sound insulation requirements as described in Approved Document E for new build seperating walls and floors, a robust detail for Part E of the Building Regulations is given the status RD.

What is a Deflection Head?
This is a technical feature that ensures integrity at the head of a partition allowing floor slab or beam deflection.

Now that you can speak like a contractor, contact our specification team who can put you in touch with an approved installer to help get your dry lining project started. You can also browse through our quick handy guide on installing fermacell dry lining boards. 

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