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Education CPD launched by fermacell

Education CPD launched by fermacell

The specialist partitioning board manufacturer publishes a CPD for the education sector

A RIBA-approved CPD which details how gypsum fibreboard out-performs other partitioning boards has been launched by specialist manufacturer fermacell.

The 45-minute presentation is designed to help architects design more cost effective, low-maintenance and high-performing partitions, understand materials for sustainable education construction, recognise and understand the true maintenance costs of an education building and how better building materials can reduce them in the long term, and how to maximise a project’s performance without compromising quality.

The new CPD explains how gypsum fibreboard’s greater density than plasterboard makes it harder to damage, and even when it is, easier to repair, thus making it ideal for the particularly onerous education environment.

Areas covered by the new CPD include gypsum fibreboard’s structural performance, durability and adaptability and its capital and whole life cycle costs in reference to the Department of Education’s guidance publication SSLD (Standard Specifications, Layouts and Dimensions) for partitions in schools.

Impact rated to severe-duty, gypsum fibreboard’s load-bearing capabilities are such that only a single layer is required to carry educational items such as interactive whiteboards and plasma TVs, negating the vast majority of the need for pattressing which is costly in terms of labour, time and materials.

This flexibility also negates the need for designers to be precise about where such items are positioned as they can be hung anywhere on a gypsum fibreboard wall and easily moved without damage to the boards.

Lower whole life cycle costs are achieved through greater performance, durability and flexibility and lower materials costs compared to other partitioning boards.

The new CPD details with tables how gypsum fibreboard meets the acoustic requirements of Building Bulletin 93 (BB93) whether in classrooms, sports hall or corridors, the latter of which can show cost savings by using slimmer partitions.

And how multiple benefits are gained through the use of a single dry-trade board in the areas of fire, moisture and impact resistance, acoustic control, load bearing and sustainability.

To book an education CPD contact Joanne Banks on 0121 311 3480 or email [email protected]


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