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Fermacell invests €30million in new factory

Fermacell invests €30million in new factory

Fermacell has invested €30 million in opening a new factory for gypsum fibreboards that will supply the UK market.

The new production plant, based in Northern Spain near the Cantabrian capital of Santander, officially opened in reaction to growing market demand and the need to increase the company’s supply to its European distribution hubs.

The new factory is set to manufacture up to 12 million square metres of high-quality gypsum fibreboards, boosting overall capacity and ensuring future profitable growth of Fermacell.

Fermacell UK General Manager, Gary Carter, said: “Increasing market demand and additional sales potential are the main reasons for expanding the production of gypsum fibreboards and the opening of the new factory. Our international sales offices are faced with extensive utilisation of existing factories and the new Spanish plant will improve supply to the UK and other large construction markets across Europe. "

The new factory will contribute to a stronger market positioning as increased supply facilitates growth.

Gypsum fiberboards are produced and marketed by Fermacell and used worldwide by construction professionals and DIYers for structural, moisture-resistant and fire-protection applications. Made completely from recycled materials, it is a totally sustainable product that is ideal for walls, ceilings or floors.


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