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fermacell Spandrel Panels

fermacell Spandrel Panels

fermacell Single Skin solutions to Spandrel Panels adds yet another benefit to using fermacell.

Pre-fabricated Spandrel Panels are an essential part of modern house building, helping to reduce time on-site and improve safety. They conform to "Robust Details", and of 60 minutes fire rating.

The standard construction using two layers of 12.5 mm plasterboard is vulnerable to damage in transit and to moisture prior to the roof being completed. The repair of damaged panels can be costly for the overall project causing not only time delays, but additional safety risks working at height.

The answer to the question, how can this be improved and still achieve the fire and acoustic requirements of a Spandrel Panel, fermacell answers with a single skin solution:

One 15 mm sheet of fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard can replace two sheets of plasterboard, giving all the performance you need with half the time and labour and no need for protection during transit.

"Our single skin solution makes manufacturing and installation of Spandrel Panels a breeze. With reduced board layers, no need for plastic protection during transportation and a system that will stand up to knocks and bashes of a live construction site. We offer a modern, next generation system which helps speed up the construction process." - Simon Buckmaster, Fermacell UK Operations Manager.

fermacell board is referenced in Appendix A1 of the Robust Details Handbook, regarding spandrel panels, in relation to sound insulation performance requirements - refer to the Robust Details Handbook for details

For more information on the above, please refer to the Robust Details Handbook Part E, regarding Spandrel Panels in Appendix 1.


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