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Plasterboard vs fermacell fibre gypsum

Why do our fibre gypsum boards look so different to plasterboard and other gypsum based products?

Find out more about the fermacell® fibre gypsum difference
fermacell® fibre gypsum is a multi-purpose, high specification dry lining board, that combines design flexibility with the optimum fire, acoustic and impact performance. Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit many applications, from wall to floor design.

One quality - many looks
Our partition building boards are unique in more ways than one!  Due to high percentage of recycled content in our boards, the look of each board can vary, with the different pigments from various special ingredients adding a unique colourful splash to the surface of every board.
Whilst this might make some of our boards look a little different to traditional materials such as plasterboard, you can rest assured that the superior quality of fermacell fibre gypsum boards is always consistent, with stringent checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the optimum performance you know and trust.
In addition to our in-house monitoring, our fibre gypsum is also externally accredited by numerous independent building boards; from the MPA Braunschweig in Germany and the KIWA in the Netherlands through to the CSTB in France and the BBA (British Board of Agrement) in England.
Environmentally friendly, consistent quality
Sustainable use of raw materials and resources is particularly important to us. fermacell® dry lining contains raw materials that occur in nature, such as gypsum, cellulose and water. In most cases we start our manufacturing process with materials already previously recycled, or use those that are natural by-products of other energy generating activities. 
By maximising the use of such materials, we ensure our boards have a consistently high recycled content, to minimise our environmental impact.
When you choose fermacell boards, you choose a sustainable, durable product that stands the test of time.  Want to know more?  We offer a RIBA accredited CPD on the benefits of fibre gypsum, book today at [email protected].

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