Powerpanel H20

Powerpanel H20

A non-combustible Class A1 material for internal and external applications

fermacell® Powerpanel H20 is a 12.5 mm cement-bonded light weight building board reinforced with glass fibre mesh, suitable for domestic and commercial projects.

As an internal application, Powerpanel H20  can be installed on masonry, timber and steel-frame constructions up to 18 m high. 

The product is easy to install and is based on the same simple construction technqiues that are used with standard drylining materials. 
  •  Tested to BBA
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Suitable for leisure rooms, swimming pool environments and commercial changing rooms. 

Characteristic Values

Gross Density - 1000 kg/m³
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient μ =56
Thermal conductivity (to DIN EN12664) λ = 0.17 W/mK
Specific heat capacity c = 1000 J/kgK
Weight per unit area - 13 kg/m²