Environmentally Friendly

fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard is made from recycled gypsum and recycled paper fibres. These two natural raw materials are mixed with water, without the addition of any other binders, to produce a homogenous sheet that is cured and cut to size. The raw materials used to produce the board are sourced locally to our production facilities in order to reduce our carbon footprint, and all by-products are fed back into the production cycle. 

Our manufacturing facilities and sustainability practices are ISO 14001 accredited. 
EU ISO 14001 Certificate 

Full details of the environmental performance of fermacell Gyspum Fibreboard can be found in the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) brochure and the publication Green Building KPIs

fermacell Projects that have achieved a BREEAM rating 
The Learning Gateway Building, University of Cumbria
AV Research Facility, University of Manchester