Fixing Strength

In an environment where the board's main purpose is to hang and withstand constant and varying loads of weight, a strong dry-lining board is absolutely necessary.
With fermacell Gyspum Fibreboard, many items can be fixed directly to the boards without fastening to the sub-structure. This reduces the need for pre-planning and secondary support so that the end user can move fixings on a regular basis quickly and efficiently. fermacell Gypsum Fibreboard can support up to 30 kg from a single screw and up to 50 kg from a cavity plug fitting with no additional fixings. This therefore gives a project the increased flexibility to change the room's usage and layout as-and-when needed, with the reassurance that it is safe to do so.

fermacell's high structural rigidity also stands it in good stead in galleries and museums, which is a true testament to the board's high load holding strength where shelving and heavy paintings are changed on a regular basis.

Quote from Carroll Fletcher Gallery Manager  
"Having previously worked at Birmingham's Ikon Gallery, I knew fermacell worked well in this kind of environment. fermacell is extremely flexible, easy to work with and ideal for installing artwork..Each exhibition lasts around six weeks so the room is redesigned frequently as directed by the artists' work or simply to vary the visitors experience when visiting the gallery. We thereforefore needed a board that could allow us to complete this quickly and efficiently without causing the gallery to close for extended periods of time or substituting the finish of the boards." Click here to read more on the Carroll Fletcher Gallery Project.

Load Bearing Capability Table

Load carrying fermacell

Note: The load bearing capability refers to static (dead) loads only. For live loads which are subject to vary (e.g. hand rails or stair rails), contact your local area technical manager for further support.