fermacell's flooring solutions are designed for use as floating floors in a wide variety of applications. Manufactured from fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards, they give a dry, robust and simple solution to your flooring requirements.

There are five main areas of use for fermacell flooring, and the constructions vary slightly according to the specific application. All the systems share the same basic technology which produces a continuous floating membrane capable of installation and use in 24 hours, and which is ready to accept a wide range of floor finishes. 

Fermacell flooring system key features:

  • Improved airborne and impact sound insulation
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Resistant to fire, rot and vermin
  • Ideal for uneven floors
  • Simple to install

Overlay Flooring

fermacell overlay flooring

fermacell offers a range of high-performance levelling solutions for flooring, this includes:

  • fermacell 2E11 flooring system, 20mm dry screed overlay, handy size 1500 x 500mm
  • fermacell Self Levelling Compound for levelling from 1-20mm
  • fermacell Dry Levelling Compound for levelling from 10-100mm
  • fermacell Bonded Levelling Compoud for levelling from 40 - 2000mm 

Acoustic Flooring

Our range of acoustic flooring includes: fermacell 2E31 Wood Fibre Acoustic flooring, fermacell 2E32 Mineral Wool flooring and the fermacell Honeycomb Acoustic system. All fermacell flooring products are suitable for both renovation and new build projects.

Under Floor Heating Systems

Underfloor Heating


For warm water under-floor heating systems, the 25 mm 2E22 or 20 mm 2E11 fermacell (only for specific systems) flooring elements are the ideal solution; providing the fast response times not possible with concrete screeds, coupled with the rapid installation of a dry flooring system. 

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