Offsite & Modular

fermacell is renowned within the industry as the market leading building board for offsite construction as it is more dense, structurally stronger and offers the manufacturer a more flexibile and robust solution.

For a number of years, fermacell gypsum fibreboard has been used in military accommodation - a testament to its' durability and strength, as well as high quality bathrooms for 5 star hotels and portable temporary buildings for site offices. fermacell walls can be found in Meisterstück HAUS, one of the most energy efficient and eco friendly luxury homes on the market.

fermacell has the largest single sheet in the world - 6 m x 2.54 m, which allows for complete walls to be built without the need for jointing. 

Quote from Manging Director of Carbon Dynamic on Kingsmill Hotel, Inverness:
"It gives superior performance in terms of fire, insulation, acoustic and environmental credentials. Critically, fermacell does not move or crack when we move our modules and so requires little if any remedial work." Click here to read the full case study

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