Cement products

fermacell Powerpanel H2O is a cement -bonded, concrete board with laminated structure, reinforced on both sides beneath the surface with an alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh ( 5mm x 5mm). Powerpanel H2O is non-combustible and conforms to construction material class A1.

fermacell Powerpanel H2O boards are water and fire resistant and can be used in bathrooms, wet rooms, swimming pools and also as an external render carrier.

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Powerpanel H2O  Boards

  • Full BBA and ETA certification
  • Reliable, CE marked, high quality product
  • Suitable for masonry, timber framed and steel framed external walls up to 18m high
  • Ideal render carrier
  • Tough and easy to work with
  • Smaller board sizes ( 15kg )
  • Highly water and heat resistant
  • Manufactured in Germany
Material Class     Non-Flammable, A1
Water vapour diffusionµ      56 ( according to DIN EN 12572)
Thermal conductivity λ10,tr     0.173W/mK ( according to DIN EN 12664)
Heat transferressitance R10,tr     0.07m2K/W ( according to DIN EN 12664)
Specific heat output cp     1000 J/kgK
Bending     approx. 6.0N/mm2
E module bending     approx. 5200N/mm2
pH     approx. 10